How To Throw A Great Christmas Party

Every year we attend countless Christmas parties everywhere. However, hosting this special event is another thing. Being a host is a tough job, especially if you’re going to handle a large group. That’s why I’m going to share with you a few helpful tips on how to be a great host and at the same time come up with a perfect Christmas party. Here’s how:

christmas-party- Consider involving some of your family members or guests in the planning stage. Get some volunteers and have a brainstorming session with them.

- Set the date ahead of time so you can send out your invitations in advance and allow your guests to plan ahead, too.

- Decide on your budget, the number of guests you’re going to invite, and the place where you’re going to have the party. Make sure you have plenty of room for your guests.

- You may opt to buy your invitations online or at the store or you may print your own invitations and add a personal touch to it, whichever suits your budget. Don’t forget the details like “who” (is throwing the party), “what” (kind of party, indicate if it’s going to be a cocktail or dinner), “when” (date and time the party starts), and “where” (address and directions). Also, indicate if children are invited and place an RSVP with date. Send them out at least 3 weeks prior to the party.

- Choose the food you’re going to serve during the party. Go for foods that are easy to serve and handle so you don’t get stuck in the kitchen. Provide appetizers, dips, and desserts and don’t forget to include fries, chicken tenders, and pizza bites. As with the drinks, you may serve a couple of beverages for your guests to enjoy and some milk or juice if children are attending.

- Decorate your place of event with inexpensive holiday lights and decors. Decorate the tables with festive tablecloths, a red centerpiece and holiday printed napkins. Make sure that the party lights and those of the Christmas tree are switched on as soon as your guests arrive.

- During the party, you may use disposable but sturdy cups, plates, spoons and forks so you won’t be worrying so much on doing the dishes afterwards.

- Bring out your boom box and play some Christmas songs to liven up the atmosphere. You may also play some party music later when you and your guests take part in some party games and exchanging of gifts.

- Take lots and lots of photos. You can also have your photo taken with every one of your guests which you could send later to each of them with a “thank you” note.

Hosting a party is quite overwhelming and sometimes impossible with a tight budget. However, with these useful tips in mind you can surely come up with one great Christmas party your guests will enjoy and remember for the rest of their lives.