Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are an essential part of most people’s festive period. We use light to decorate everything from our Christmas trees to our towns and cities. These lights come in a multitude of shapes and sizes as well as various colours, and you can buy them pretty much everywhere in the run up to Christmas.

christmas-lightsThe tradition of Christmas lights began in the late 18th century when upper class families in Germany started to decorate their trees with small candles and other assorted obstacles; these were usually glued to the tree with melted wax. This concept gradually caught on and spread across Europe, notably in England due to the influence of Queen Victoria.

Incandescent light bulbs were invented in around 1880 and over time these eventually replaced the traditional candles. By the middle of the 20th century it had become customary to display strings of colourful lights on your tree. By the late 20th century this tradition had spread across most of the civilised world, reaching as far east as Japan.

You can purchase Christmas Lights from a variety of places including shops and supermarkets. For purchase of spare bulbs, e.g. Noma Christmas lights, the best option is online from stores like Amazon and Ebay.